Portal Design of the Choobestaneh town

The town of Choobestaneh was located in Tehran province Rey city. Design project of the portal (entrance) of the industrial town of Choobestaneh was ordered to the architecture studio of Arian MahdeKavosh in 2017. The area of activity of this industrial town is in the fields of wood products. The industrial town includes industrial units for production and sale of wood and wood products. Designing the entrance of the complex should be unique and distinctive so that while being beautiful, it also considers the functionality required by the complex. Below is the entrance designed by the Arian Mahd Kavosh architectural team.

ClientMr. Kara guzlou
LocationThe Choobestaneh Town
UseWood products
Date of the project2017
Our servicesPortal design of industrial town

Specifications of the industrial town

The industrial town of Choobestaneh service is located 10 kilometers from Imam Reza Road in Tehran. ALL the streets of the town are facing Imam Reza Road and have entrances. The town has a workshop, production, exhibition. While the production of wood products is carried out in this town, manufactured products are also displayed. The industrial units of the carpentry were built on two floors in this complex of the town are placed. Their lower floor is the workshop campus and on the upper floor, the office and Exhibition Buildings of each workshop. At the beginning of the project, several expert engineers from Arian MahdeKavosh visited the site to perform field studies. The following images are from preliminary investigations of the industrial settlement.

مطالعه میدانی شهرک چوبستانه
Designing the head of the Choobestaneh town
Choobestaneh town
Choobestaneh town
Choobestane town

Employer’s Requirements

Here are some of the demands of the employer in the design of the entrance of the Choobestaneh town:

  • It should be memorable and stay in mind.
  • Have a uniform appearance.
  • Be closed at night and open during the day.
  • Consider the security of the place.
  • Be beautiful and functional.
  • The executed facade should be enduring and clean.
  • Create a strong urban landmark.
  • Be optimal and executable.
entrance of the industrial town
entrance of the industrial town
entrance of the industrial town
entrance of the industrial town

Alternatives of entrance design

The idea of designing the head of the Choobestaneh town

Idea of designing the entrance to the Choobestaneh town is inspired by the material of the wood and creating a sense of invitation. The use of a fluid form adds to the beauty to the design. The industrial town of Choobestaneh has seven entrance gates, each of which houses a bank, office buildings, etc. In the design of the entrance for this industrial complex, a evocative of movement was presented at the request of the employer. In this design of the header, a repeating form was used in the form of a sinusoidal rhythm that evokes movement.

entrance of the choobestaneh town
entrance of the choobestaneh town
entrance of the choobestaneh town

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