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Arian Mahdekavosh Consulting Engineers, with over 25 years of experience in serving esteemed clients, is active in the field of design and construction of civil projects. Our professional team provides all engineering services, material and equipment supply, design, and execution or in other words Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) according to world standards. As a respected client, you can entrust all aspects of your construction projects to the Arian Mahdekavosh engineering team. By following this approach, you will not only save time but also receive the best results. Over several decades of continuous operation and with numerous contracts, we have expanded our activities day by day. Currently, in addition to carrying out design and construction projects in Tehran and other cities in the country, we are also active internationally. Arian Mahdekavosh is honored to be a member of the vendor list of technology park designers, engaging in the design, supervision, and construction of various types of buildings, including industrial factories, office buildings, residential buildings, and more.

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Designing and building a residential complex

The skilled and experienced team at Arian Mahdekavosh is dedicated to delivering your ideal home through the presentation of stunning and distinctive designs.

Design and implementation of industrial plants

At Arian Mahdekavosh, we specialize in the design and construction of industrial factories, with a particular focus on facade design.

Administrative and commercial complex

In the design of office and commercial spaces, we meticulously present our designs, adhering to the principles of enhancing the customer’s sensory experience.

Cultural and sports complexes

Arian Mahdekavosh Engineering Company designs these complexes in such a manner that they create ideal spaces for the nurturing of both the spirit and the body.


The building renovation process requires a high level of skill, and we at Arian Mahdekavosh execute this process in the best possible manner.

Interior design

We design interior spaces in such a way that they provide the utmost beauty and the necessary comfort for the utilization of the space.

Courtyard houses and villas

Among the unique services offered by Arian Mahdekavosh Consulting Engineers is the design and implementation of villas and green spaces in various cities.

Facade design

Given that the facade of each structure significantly influences its beauty, our specialists design and implement the most up-to-date facades.

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