Industrial factories

Arian Mahdkaavosh Consulting Engineers specializes in architectural design and construction of industrial factories, warehouses, and other industrial units. Our team has over 14 years of professional experience in consulting, designing, and building factories, industrial sites, and warehouses. Arian Mahdkaavosh offers a comprehensive range of engineering services, including consultation, factory architectural design, mechanical and electrical installations, material procurement, and project execution for industrial units.

Our expertise extends to designing and constructing storage facilities, production lines, administrative buildings, and exhibition spaces within factories. Notably, we also provide overhead design services for factories. To date, we have successfully completed more than 30 factory design and construction projects in provinces such as Tehran, Semnan, Qom, and others. Given that industrial projects require specialized design and thorough assessments, we employ highly skilled and experienced engineers for our projects. We utilize cutting-edge design and modeling software and produce detailed plans.

Our commitment to clients includes delivering projects with the highest quality, optimal costs, and flawless execution within the shortest possible time frame. For further insight into the factory design and construction process, I recommend exploring the showcased design and executed projects on this page.