Design and Implementation of Aseh Tejarat Asia Door Manufacturing Factory

Aseh Tejarat Asia Trading and Manufacturing Company is active in the production, import, and supply of goods for the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. Aseh Tejarat specializes in the production of various cooling equipment and supplies all equipment, parts, and types of compressors in the refrigeration industry, air conditioning, and cold storage equipment, collaborating with well-known brands such as Bitzer, Embraco, Copeland, Danfoss, and more. The Aseh Tejarat Asia factory project consists of three separate factories. The construction process and redesign of certain sections of the project were carried out by Arian Mahdekavosh Engineering Consultants. The Aseh Tejarat complex includes a coil manufacturing factory, a cold storage door manufacturing factory, and a condensing unit factory. We will continue by introducing the Shamshad factory.

ClientAseh Tejarat Asia
Project LocationKharazmi Industrial Town
Land Area4,500 m2
UsageDoor Manufacturing Factory
Project Start Date2021
Our ServicesArchitectural Design, Facade Execution, and Interior Design
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ساخت سوله کارخانه
ساخت سوله کارخانه
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نمای سوله کارخانه

Aseh Tejarat Factory Site Specifications

The Aseh Tejarat door manufacturing factory is located in Kharazmi Industrial Town, Phase One, Shamshad Eighth Street. The factory spans an area of 4,500 square meters and specializes in the production of various types of cold storage doors and related hardware. This factory became operational in 2022. The Shamshad project includes two main entrances. One entrance is from the south side of the site, through the previous building of Aseh Tejarat, and the other is from the northern facade, providing access to the door manufacturing factory.


The first factory includes three interconnected halls for production, storage, and administrative spaces. The larger hall houses the factory’s production line, while the second and third halls are respectively used for storage and administrative purposes. The project started in November 2021, and the Arian Mahdekavosh execution team completed the exterior facade of the factory within six months. Arian Mahdekavosh’s services in this project include the execution of the facade, interior sections, Knauf ceilings for administrative areas and restrooms, entrance doors, and more.

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انبار کارخانه آسه تجارت

Aseh Tejarat Administrative Building

Additionally, within the Aseh Tejarat factory complex, the administrative buildings are designed and executed as open offices with an industrial design. The ceilings are completely exposed, meaning that all installations such as electrical trays, lights, take-off ducts, heating and cooling systems, ductwork, and cables are visible and not covered. These elements are distinguished in the interior design of the Aseh Tejarat administrative building with a black color coating. The meeting hall section is located within the administrative building and is executed with blue-colored steel sheets, creating a 15-20 centimeter level difference from the rest of the open office space. Due to the use of a blue color theme and industrial design, the administrative space related to the meeting hall is distinctly differentiated from other parts of the building.

Execution of Aseh Tejarat Door Manufacturing Factory

In the execution of the Aseh Tejarat factory facade, materials such as curtain wall, dry ceramic, and cement board panels were used. The comprehensive execution activities in this project are as follows:

  • Complete execution of the project facade
  • Dry ceramic facade using the keel method
  • Cement board facade
  • Curtain wall using the add-on method
  • Execution of stretch metal ceilings
  • Installation of laminated partition doors for restrooms
  • Execution of pedestrian entrance doors
  • Installation of automatic doors
  • Factory entrance doors (roll-up doors) with custom color
  • Knauf work for administrative ceilings
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